Interfit F121 Radio Remote



Interfit F121 Radio Remote.

  • Cross-Platform: Single-pin design is compatible with most camera models
  • 1/125 with the trigger and 1/250 with the cable
  • Attaches to camera hotshoe

The Interfit Remote Radio Trigger allows users to remotely trigger the F121 series flashes, it is compatible with most cameras. The trigger attaches to the  hotshoe on the camera and works on a radio frequency. The Interfit F121 Remote works on 4 channels and offers a test button plus a 3.5mm jack socket.

ConnectivityInterfit F121 100w and 200w studio flash
For use with Interfit F121
Channels4 (1; 2; 3; 4)
Maximum Flash Sync Speed1/250 sec
Transmission Range 100 m
Power SupplyMN21 12V A23 / V23GA / 3LR50