Interfit Pop Up Muslin Background Grey



Interfit Pop Up Muslin Background Grey.

  • Non-reflective material
  • Velcro straps keep your background secure on your stand
  • Perfect for photo and video streaming applications

Pop-up Backgrounds from Interfit give a variety of high-quality background options that require very quick setup time, store neatly and travel well. Each background measures 1.5m x 2m and can be used either vertically or horizontally, depending on your shot. Velcro fasteners on the top and side of each background allow you to secure your background to a stand.

Please note: All muslin backgrounds are hand-dyed, meaning the patterns will vary between each background. 

Do not iron or use detergents to eliminate wrinkles, a hand steamer may be used.

Should the need arise, clean using a wet cloth.  Detergents should not be used.