Interfit Premium Wall Mounted Background Support System



Interfit Premium Wall Mounted Background Support System.

  • Holds up to three paper rolls
  • Raise and lower your backgrounds with colour-coded chains
  • Brackets mount securely to the studs in your wall or ceiling
  • Included instructions walk you through the mounting process

The Wall Mounting Kit for Paper Rolls up to 2.72m wide and 11m length is a do-it-yourself kit for hanging rolls of backdrop paper in your studio or garage. 

This permanent backdrop support system keeps  floor space clear and is strong enough to hold up to three full-length (11m) paper rolls. (please note that wall bolts / screws are not included – correct bolts / screws are dependent on wall material, e.g. brick, wood, steel).

The core and chain set, included in the kit, allows you to easily raise and lower your backgrounds. Each set of cores fit within the cardboard tube of a paper roll and expand to create a secure connection with the roller. The colour-coded chains can be positioned on either the left or right end of the paper roll (depending on preference) and are used to raise and lower the backdrops.

NOTE: Paper rolls/crossbars not included.

Box Contents:

2 x Wall Brackets

3 x Cores for paper rolls

3 x Chains (Blue, Teal, Red)

3 x Chain weights

6 x Mounting Studs


Load Capacity 20 Kg
Chain Length 4m
Chain Construction High-Density Polycarbonate
Bracket Hook Lengths20.3cm; 16.5 cm;
Weight5.9 Kg