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Bowens XMSR Remote Control and Trigger

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The New Bowens XMSR trigger: groundbreaking technology built-in.

It’s all about control. The new XMSR radio remote control and trigger operates on the global 2.4GHz frequency (including 16 channels and 8 groups) and offers unprecedented control over all features and functions of the XMS flash range.

Designed as a transceiver, the XMSR can be used to fire flash heads, or wirelessly trigger your camera’s shutter. Simply attach an XMSR to your hotshoe and press the shutter release to trigger all connecting receiver devices.

Full control over all main features and functions of the XMS is available at the touch of a button, including power, modelling, ready indications as well as creative features such as channel cycling.

The XMSR also includes ground-breaking ‘Sync Offset’ functionality, enabling photographers to embrace any brand of camera to shoot at high sync speeds up to 1/8000s.

Product BW5190