SKU: BR 64.010.00

Broncolor DMX adapter box for LED F160 BR 64.010.00

(£267.50 excl. VAT)

The Broncolor DMX adapter box to LED F160 allows you to use the LED F160 lamp in conjunction with common Digital Multiplex (DMX) controllers. Certain RDM functions (Remote Device Management) are supported as well. Easily and conveniently remote control one or several LED F160 lamps by cable-based DMX/RDM. Every LED F160 unit that will be DMX/RDM controlled will need one unit of the DMX adapter box.

By using a DMX controller, you can control the power, colour temperature, and green/magenta shift of several LED F160 lamps at the same time. It is possible to group some lamps and control them group by group.

Please note that the LED F160 lamps need to be updated to the latest firmware version (V1.6) to be controlled via DMX/RDM.