Broncolor HMI 400 Starter Kit BR 41.112.12

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Continuous light is a special concern for everyone who takes photographs or motion pictures. broncolor HMI is the solution. These continuous light sources function as an alternative, or a powerful supplement, to natural daylight. Pioneering technology and many years of know-how are the special features of broncolor HMI continuous light sources. Ultramodern circuity and high-quality components guarantee the ultimate in functional reliability even in difficult conditions.

Kit contents:

1 lamp / fixture HMI F400 incl. lamp / bulb

1 electronic ballast unit HMI 400.575.800

1 Open Face reflector

1 4-leaf barn door for Open Face

1 diffusion filter

1 conversion filter (3200 K)

1 light (schott ring)

1 bag for 5 lenses or filter

1 adapter for broncolor light shaper

1 adapter ring (speed ring) ø 169 mm (6 5/8”)

1 softbox “Video Pro XS” 40 x 55 cm 

1 bag