Properties SKU: BR 32.451.00

Max. Flash Output 3200 J
f stop at 2m distance, 100 ISO 45,7 (with reflector) / 32 7/10 (without reflector)
Flash Tube UVE-coated – 5500 K
Weight 1.2Kg
Dimensions 5.5 x 57cm

Broncolor Litestick BR 32.451.00

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The Broncolor Litestick is a straight flash tube with a double heat protection shield enables light design even in the places where no other lamp can reach. The Litestick is ideal where hard light and defined gradations are required.

max. 3200 J

 f-stop at 2 m distance 100 ISO: f: 45 7/10 (with reflector), f: 32 7/10 (without reflector)

with flash tube

removable reflector

stand adapter

cable 3.5 m