Properties SKU: BR 32.117.12

Flash energy max. 2 x 3200 J
Modelling Light (230 V) halogen max. 650 W
Length Lamp Cable 2 x 5m
Dimensions (Ø×L×H) Ø 12 × 27.5 × 20cm
Weight (with cable) 4 Kg
Standard Adaptor for bolts 12 mm, 3/8“ thread and bolts 16 mm

Broncolor Pulso Twin Lamp 2 x 3200 J BR 32.117.12

(£2,260.00 excl. VAT)

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The extensive range of lamps from Broncolor meets every photographer’s needs for creative light management. The lamp is a critical element in terms of light quality, but the quality is also influenced by other factors: the shape and coating of the flash tube, the characteristics and surface of the reflector, uniform illumination with a defined reflector axis, a good match between the emission characteristics of the flash and modelling light, optimum colour temperature and much more.

 corresponding emission characteristics of flash tube and modelling light

plug-in flash tube with integrated protecting glass

quick release bracket

automatic locking mechanism of the light shaper (rotatable 360°)

built-in tilt head with locking lever for an optimal breaking effect

cooling fan and thermal protection