Properties SKU: BR 31.066.12

Flash energy 1600 J
f-stop at 2m, 100 ISO, reflector P70 64 2/10
Flash Duration at Max energy t 0.1 (t 0.5) 1/265 s (1/760 s)
Variation Range for Flash Duration t 0.1 (t 0.5) 1/265 - 1/8'000 s (1/760 - 1/12'000 s)
Charging Time (min-max energy) at 230 V 0.06 - 1.0 s, at 120 V 0.06 - 1.4 s, at 100 V 0.06 - 1.5 s Switchable to slow charge
Ready Display Visual and audible (can be switched off). activated when 100% of the selected energy is reached
Lamp Outlets 2 outlets with flash cut off and ECTC
Power Distribution Symmetrical and individually asymmetrical
Control elements Dust and scratch resistant, illuminated silicone keypad, setting by radio remote control
Control Range for Flash Energy Over 7 f-stops in 1/10 or full f-stop intervals. Choice of joules or percent for LED display
Colour Temperature ECTC technology (Enhanced Colour Temperature Control) for constant colour temperature
Modelling Light Halogen max. 3 x 650 W at 200 - 240 V / Halogen max. 3 x 300 W at 100 - 210 V Proportional to flash energy, also full and low settings. Proportionality can be adapted to other broncolor power packs and to monolights
Additional Functions t 0.1 min, sequence
Flash release Manual release button, photocell, RFS or RFS 2 receiver (may be switched off), sync cable
Number of Sync Sockets 1
Computer Connection for Remote Control 1
Stabilised Flash Voltage +/-0.5%
Power Requirements 16.0 A (230 V) 15.0 A (120 V) 15.0 A (100 V)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Encryption: Open/WPA/WPA2
Dimensions without Handle 28.8 x 19 x 29.5cm
Weight 9.6Kg

Broncolor Scoro 1600 E with WiFi/RFS 2 BR 31.066.12

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The Broncolor Scoro E is the perfect choice when certain features of the Scoro S or a third lamp base outlet are not required. This high-end power pack impresses with strong performance and easy operation; playing to its strength in fashion and still-life photography in particular. Due to revised hard and software, the new Scoro E WiFi / RFS 2 can be conveniently controlled by app ("bronControl"). By means of a WiFi connection, mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) as well as desktop computers are able to communicate with this high-end power pack.

Can be conveniently controlled by app (BronControl).

LCD display in joules/percentage

works will all voltages from 100 - 240 V

equipped with RFS 2 system