Properties SKU: BR 31.067.12

Flash energy 3200 J
f-stop at 2m, 100 ISO, reflector P70 90 2/10
Flash Duration at Max energy t 0.1 (t 0.5) 1/132 s (1/390 s)
Variation Range for Flash Duration t 0.1 (t 0.5) 1/132 - 1/8'000 s (1/390 - 1/12'000s)
Charging Time (min-max energy) at 230 V 0.06 - 1.7 s, at 120 V 0.06 - 2.4 s, at 100 V 0.06 - 2.6 s Switchable to slow charge
Ready Display Visual and audible (can be switched off), activated when 100% of the selected energy is reached
Lamp Outlets 2 outlets with flash cut-off and ECTC
Power Distribution Symmetrical and individually asymmetrical
Control Elements Dust and scratch-resistant, illuminated silicone keypad, setting by radio remote control
Control Range for Flash Energy Over 8 f-stops in 1/10 or full f-stop intervals. Choice of joules or percent for LCD display
Colour Temperature ECTC technology( Enhanced Colour Temperature Control) for constant colour temperature
Modelling Light Halogen max. 3 x 650 W at 200 - 240 V / Halogen max. 3 x 300 W at 100 - 120 V Proportional to flash energy, also full and low settings. Proportionality can be adapted to other broncolor power packs and to monolights
Additional Functions t 0.1 min, sequence
Flash Release Manual release button, photocell, RFS or RFS 2 received (may be switched off), sync cable
Number of Sync Sockets 1
Computer Connection for Remote Control 1
Stabilised Flash Voltage +/-0.5%
Power Requirements 16.0 A (230 V) 15.0 A (120 V) 15.0 A (100 V)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Encryption: Open/WPA/WPA2
Dimensions without Handle 28.8 x 19 x 40cm
Weight 12.6Kg

Broncolor Scoro 3200 E with WiFi/RFS 2 BR 31.067.12

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The Broncolor Scoro E is the perfect choice when certain features of the Scoro S or a third lamp base outlet are not required. This high-end power pack impresses with strong performance and easy operation; playing to its strength in fashion and still-life photography in particular. Due to revised hard and software, the new Scoro E WiFi / RFS 2 can be conveniently controlled by app ("bronControl"). By means of a WiFi connection, mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) as well as desktop computers are able to communicate with this high-end power pack.

Can be conveniently controlled by app (BronControl).

LCD display in joules/percentage

works will all voltages from 100 - 240 V

equipped with RFS 2 system