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Properties SKU: B3162312

Broncolor Siros 400 S WiFi / RFS2 Monobloc Flash Head B31.623.12

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Broncolor Siros 400 S WiFi / RFS2 Monobloc Flash Head

Model: 31.623.12

Swiss-built Broncolor Siros heads have been developed for high-end studio applications where exact colour replication and speed are primary considerations. Compact, reliable and precise, Siros produces a consistent light in terms of temperature, brightness and duration. A joy to handle and easy to operate via a simple, illuminated dial or phone/tablet app, Siros is definitely one of the finest studio lighting heads available.


Included in Box: 400S Head, Modelling Lamp, Mains & Sync Leads

Power (Ws/Joules)    400
Recycling time    0.1 - 0.95s
Power source    100-120v/50-60Hz, 200-240v/50-60Hz Auto Switching
Modelling lamp    300 Watt Halogen
Flash Power Range    7 Stops 6.5Ws to 400Ws
Flash Duration    1/400s (min energy) 1/1000s (max energy)
Auto Dump    Yes
Colour Temperature    5750K
Flash Tube    Broncolor 34.360.00