Properties SKU: BR 31.720.12

Flash Energy 800 J
f-stop at 2m, 100 ISO, with Reflector L40 32 8/10
f-stop at 2m, 100 ISO with Reflector P70 45 6/10
Flash duration t 0.1 (t 0.5) Min Energy 1/4'400 s (1/7'400 s)
Flash Duration t 0.1 (t 0.5) Max Energy 1/250 s (1/700 s)
Charging Time (at 28.8 V) Eco Mode 0.05 - 4.3 s
Charging Time (for 100% of selected energy) Normal 0.03 - 2.7 s
Number of Flashes per Battery Charge 220
Setting Range for Flash Energy Over 9 f-stops, in steps of 1/10 or full f-stops 4 - 800 J
Colour Temperature Max. Energy / P70 5'500 K
Colour Temperature of Modelling Light 245 W LED, 3'000 K
Flash Release Manual trigger button, photocell, sync cable, with built in broncolor RFS 2 receiver
Remote Control Using "bronControl" app for mobile devices or RFS 2.1 / RFS 2.2 transmitter
Ready Indicator Visual and acoustic (can be switched off)
Extra Functions Sequences (flash series) up to 50 flashes, Integral umbrella mounting and integral umbrella reflector, Speed mode for fastest flash time, HS mode for use with fast shutter speeds (flash power level 4 to 10 only), USB connection for software updates, Thermal monitoring of power electronics, Internal discharge for output reduction, ECO mode conserves the battery and extends its working life
Cooling Temperature controlled fan
Standards EN60065 / EN61000-4-2 EN55015. EN301489-1 / EN301489-3 ISO10330
Dimensions 36 x 13 x 18cm
Weight of Monolight (without battery) 3.7Kg
Dimensions of Battery 8.5 x 11 x 5.5cm
Weight (Battery) 0.6Kg
Li-ion Battery 28.8V / 2.5Ah / 72Wh
Operating Temperature Range -10 degrees C - +60 degrees C

Broncolor Siros 800 L Battery Powered Flash Head BR 31.720.12

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Promotion, get a second Li-Ion battery Free of Charge. Offer ends 31st Sept 2018

Broncolor’s new battery-powered compact device, the Siros 800 L which provides ambitious professional photographers with the opportunity to enjoy the perfect lighting, be this in a mobile form in the studio, or for external shots – offering up to 440 flashes at full power per battery charge, colour constancy and both very fast, and also long, flash durations. Easy to control with the bronControl App. 

- 1 × Siros 800 L WiFi / RFS 2
- 1 × battery charger
- 2 × lithium-ion batteries
- 1 × Flash Bag 1.1

(Please note: RFS transmitter is not included, see related items below)