Colorama Paper Brake LL COBRAKE

(£11.63 excl. VAT)

The Colorama Paper Brake is a simple but clever attachment compatible with 1.35m, 2.18m and 2.72m wide rolls which simply slides into the existing 5.4cm diameter cardboard core.

Designed with the professional image maker in mind who has all too often experienced the frustration of when a paper roll ‘free rolls’ on a background support bar and unravels an unwanted amount of paper requiring it to be wound back up manually, often not as neatly as before.

The registered design of these nifty little accessories stop the core from rotating on the crossbar freely and instead allows the paper to be pulled down from floor level in controlled gradual steps. Reducing the need for the user to climb up on a ladder or similar to make adjustments when the background support is raised and preventing the annoying task of having to re-wind the paper after it has unravelled too much. 

The Colorama Paper Brake is re-usable and can be simply changed from one roll to the other if a different paper is required or when the paper roll is renewed. They are supplied as a pair, one for each end of the roll and at their widest point allow a knuckle of 40mm to pass through and so are compatible with most background support poles.


The Colorama Paper Brake is designed to fit with the following Vitec support systems.  Please see diameter sizes in the images to check if it is suitable for use with any other third party system.

LL CO1105          Colorama Solo Background Support 3m

LL COPSCOMPACT2    Colorama Compact 2 Background Support System

LL COBASICS        Colorama Compact 2 Support Plus White and Black Paper Roll

LL COSOLO          Colorama Solo Background Kit including Black and White paper


LL LA1108          Lastolite By Manfrotto Support for 3m (10') Curtain & Roll Up Backgrounds (Metal Collars)

LL LB1105          Lastolite By Manfrotto Solo Background Support 3m (10')

LL LB1128          Lastolite By Manfrotto Heavy Duty Support for Roll Up Backgrounds (Metal Collars)

LL LB1119          Lastolite By Manfrotto Telescopic Crossbar


1313B                      Manfrotto Background support kit

272B                        Manfrotto Telescopic Background Support Pole