SKU: 28004

Elinchrom Litemotiv 120cm Deep Parabollic Softbox 28004

(£482.50 excl. VAT)

The Litemotiv Parabollic Softbox - with sixteen sides these softboxes produce close to perfectly circular catch-lights. 
Complete with heavy duty bracket for precise and easy positioning, fully compatible with all Elinchrom heads producing optimum results using every combination of the unique Elinchrom Deflector system. Available in both 120 cm and 190 cm.

Exceptional fabric for exceptional light quality.

Anodised rod colour-coding for faster assembly.

Optional mounting brackets are available for compatibility with Broncolor, Profoto and Bowens heads.

Removable rear cover for easier setup and shoot-through functionality.

Two diffusers, inner and outer, for perfectly soft diffusion.

Part 28004