Elinchrom Litemotiv Indirect Square 145cm 28001

(£832.50 excl. VAT)

The Litemotiv Indirect range is a perfect portable and lightweight solution with no compromises on quality. The flash unit is fitted indirectly to diffuse in a beautiful, rich and even way bringing life to your images. The unique folding system allows a speedy setup of the Indirect Litemotiv in any location and with each softbox.  There is a high quality carrying bag included to transport the Litemotiv safely.

The central mounting for the flash head places the flashtube at the point of focus inside these softboxes for the best possible results and outstanding quality of light. The optical result is a light source, which is so even with superb colour saturation at the diffuser surface, that many renowned photographers use the Octa as a single light source for portrait photography.

The new reflective fabric of the Indirect Litemotiv softboxes is unique. It offers more light output compared to previous fabrics while offering the same distinctive Elinchrom look. Finally the new fabric is heat-resistant, meaning that 650W hot lamps can be used with our new Indirect Litemotiv, overall it is more durable, making this light shaper the perfect tool for rental studios.

The integral reflector of Elinchrom flash units is designed to maximise efficiency and even light distribution, they are the best for the Indirect Litemotiv. The flashtube is precisely positioned 20 mm from the surface to avoid the inherent uneveness of non-concentric flashtubes. The bayonet mount is compatible with all Elinchrom flash units since 1974.


Rapid Setup with the unique EL folding construction.

Improved Durability. The new material used in the Litemotiv softboxes is more durable than the Elinchrom Rotalux range. Improved heat resistance allows use with 650w modelling bulbs and enhanced tear resistance ensures the longevity of your Litemotiv.

More Efficient. The improved design of the Litemotiv fabric is more efficient up to 1/3 stop and provides a beautiful even light distribution. 

360° Rotating System

Double Diffusion. Each softbox comes with an inner diffuser and front diffuser. Use both together to create a beautiful soft light source, or remove the front diffuser (or both) to get a different lighting effect.

Compatible with all Elinchrom heads Including the Quadra heads with the addition of a Quadra Reflector Adapter (26342).

Compatible with all Profoto heads with the addition of a Profoto Adapter (26333).

Litemotiv Indirect Softboxes are available in four sizes:

190cm Octa

145cm Square

72 x 175cm Recta

33 x 175cm Strip