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Elinchrom Quadra Action Head - A Head 20151

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An exceptional portable Action Head : 424 Watt-seconds of wallop (when used in conjunction with the ELB400), weighing just 280g and able to fit in the palm of your hand. This Action variant is optimised for high-speed photography, with flash durations as short as 1/5700th of second - freezing subjects in motion. Fully compatible with previous Quadra components and power-packs as well as the latest ELB400 system. The Quadra Pro Head offers the power, flexibility and creative potential of studio lighting and makes it portable. The Quadra head is equipped with a 50W-equivelant modelling lamp and can also be fitted with a wide array of light modifiers.

Includes :

2.5m Quadra Cable, 13.5cm Reflector, Muli-Function Cap

Part 20151