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Elinchrom Skyport RX Speed Transceiver 19353

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The Elinchrom Skyport RX Transceiver is designed for use with the Elinchrom RX heads.

Simply plugging the module into the RX socket on any RX Compact head, Power Pack or Ranger Flash, in addition to a four channel radio trigger system for firing the the flash, the output from the heads and power packs can be controlled in 1/10th stops and the modelling lamps can be switched on or off from the Transmitter.

The rechargeable battery (charger included) can give up to 50 hours of use.

If you would like to connect to a Ranger RX Series the remote adaptor 19374 or remote adator cable 11110 is required.  

Compatible with the following heads;


1200/2400RX Packs

Ranger Packs

Part 19353