Falcon Eyes Wi-Fi Bi-Color Soft LED Lamp Dimmable LPW-100TD

(£457.50 excl. VAT)

The Falcon Eyes Wi-Fi Bi-Color Soft LED Lamp LPW-100TD is a professional dimmable LED lamp with 100W capacity. This lamp is equipped with a special white diffuse plate on the front which creates a wonderful soft light. Accessories like a softbox are therefore no longer needed. The individual LED lamps are not visible through the diffuse plate, but provide you with a beautiful gentle and soft light. The panel comes with 504 small LED lamps which can generate a color temperature of 3000 - 5600K. 

The lamp can be operated with the control panel at the back of the lamp. The display has a touch screen, what makes the lamp easy to control. The capacity and color temperature can be controlled separately by two rotary knobs. The lamp has an illumination angle of 62°. You can use the LPW-100TD via AC power, but also with an optional battery (battery is not included, see optional accessories).

Furthermore LPW-100TD comes with black barndoors, silver covers for the barndoors, an U-bracket and a practical black nylon carry bag with zipper. At the bottom the universal U-bracket is equipped with a spigot connector, which makes the lamp suitable for almost every light stand, but it can also be hung. Additionally the spigot connector has an extra lock button which must be pushed to safely take the lamp off a stand or put it on a stand.


Number of LEDs: 504

Power Consumption:  100W

Adjustability:  Continuously variable

Dimensions:  455 x 240 x 101 mm

Weight:  3.6 kgs

Light Output (LUX) @ 0.5m:  9790

Light Output (LUX) @ 1m:  2350

Light Output (LUX) @ 2m:  615

Power supply: 240v power (battery optional)

Cooling fan:  Yes - can not be turned off

Color temperature:  Adjustable 3000K-5600K

CRI (Ra):  95



1x LED Lamp LPW-100TD

1x U-bracket

1x Barndoors

1x Silver Cover for Barndoors

1x AC-adapter

1x Carry bag