Properties SKU: BW-2637

Weight 372g

HiGlide 3m Type 1 Spring (For use on 3m Litelift only) BW-2637

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3m Pantograph Springs

Ensure that the 3m LiteLift Pantograph hold their desired position. Higher numbered springs support greater weights. Springs can be used individually or in pairs.

 The type of spring you will need to combine with the LiteLift Pantograph will depend on the weight of the equipment you are attaching to it.

​Use this table to ensure you have the correct spring combination to safely support your equipment. You can use up to four springs on each LiteLift Pantograph.

Example: If the equipment you are attaching to the LiteLift Pantograph weighs 15.4kg, you will need to use two '[email protected] springs (9.0kg-10.0kg) and two 'Type 2' Springs (5.4kg - 7.3kg)

Weight                                Spring Combination

​1.8kg- 2.7kg                    1 of Type 1

2.7kg- 3.6kg                    2 of Type 1

3.6kg- 5.4kg                    1 of Type 1 + 2 of Type 2

5.4kg- 7.3kg                    2 of Type 2

7.3kg- 8.2kg                    1 of Type 3 + 1 of Type 2

8.2kg- 9.0kg                    1 of Type 3 + 1 of Type 4

9.0kg- 10.0kg                  2 of Type 4

18.0kg- 20.0kg                4 of Type 4

Compatible with any existing Bowens Hi-Glide Systems