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Brand Ilford
B&W or Colour Black & White
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Film Format 135/35mm
No of Exposure 36 Exp

Ilford Black & White Delta 100 135 36Exp Film

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35mm, ISO 100, medium speed, exceptionally fine grain, black & white film. Ideal for uncompromising image makers who want to capture maximum detail and sharpness.

ILFORD DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL is a medium speed, black & white film that uses Ilford's latest Core-shell™ emulsion technology to deliver superb image quality and maximum sharpness.

Excelling in scenes that are detail rich, its exceptionally fine grain makes DELTA 100 the perfect choice for many applications or genres. Showing outstanding quality at its recommended rating of ISO 100/21°, DELTA 100 will also produce stunning results rated between ISO 50 and 200.

DELTA 100 can be processed in a wide range of different developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks and automatic processors.

Delta 100 features include:

Medium speed ISO 100

Superb image quality

Core-Shell™ crystal technology

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