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Brand Ilford
B&W or Colour Black & White
Pack Qty 1
Film Format 135/35mm
No of Exposure 36 Exp

Ilford Ortho Plus Film 135 36Exp

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35mm, ISO 80 orthochromatic black & white film with fine grain and sharpness, perfect for stunning landscapes.


ISO 80 (ISO 40 in Tungsten light).

Fine grain, sharp orthochromatic black & white film.

Can be processed / handled in deep red safelight.

35mm, 120 Roll and sheet film available>

ILFORD ORTHO PLUS is an orthochromatic black and white film. Designed as a high-resolution copy film for negatives, ORTHO PLUS offers superb photographic potential thanks to its fine grain and sharpness.

Ideally suited for landscape photography, the blue and green sensitivity of this emulsion enables the film to be handled in deep red* safelight conditions making processing and inspection easier.

Its lack of red sensitivity also means that reds and oranges in your frame are rendered darker with stronger contrast than standard panchromatic films (all other ILFORD and Kentmere films are panchromatic).

ILFORD ORTHO PLUS is DX coded for ISO 80 for daylight / natural light shooting. For tungsten work a manual ISO setting of 40 should be used. Alternatively, a 1 stop exposure correction can be made. Whether shooting at ISO 80 or 40, it can be processed as standard. Development times can be found in the technical data sheet or on the inside of the film cartons.

*Please do not use with an amber safelight as this can cause fogging.

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