Properties SKU: INT783

Size 100cm
Collapsed Size 19 x 56cm
Fitting Type Bowens® S-Mount
Softbox Material Polyester
Rod Material Fiberglass
Weight 1.7kg
Surfaces White interior with white deflector plate

Interfit 100cm White Foldable Beauty Dish – with Bowens® S-Mount

(£58.32 excl. VAT)

A folding portable beauty dish, a must-have light modifier for fashion and portrait photographers.

The Interfit Line of Foldable Softboxes and Beauty Dishes combines the large sizes that studio photographers have grown accustomed to with the quick setup and portability that location photographers require.
The Interfit Folding Beauty Dish, allows you to take a full-sized white beauty dish with you on location without the cumbersome weight and size of traditional metal beauty dishes. Featuring an internal frame of interlocking fiberglass rods that easily snap into place, the Folding Beauty Dish lets you quickly set up and stow away. Included with each beauty dish is a removable diffuser to create a softer quality of light, and a drawstring nylon carry bag, letting you easily transport your beauty dish wherever your work takes you.

Ideal for creating edgy and crisp light while featuring defined shape yet smooth texture in your subject. Used predominantly in fashion and beauty photography, beauty dishes create beautiful, silky skin tones and elegant round catch lights in your subject’s eyes. Using the included diffuser sock allows you to soften your light source even more. This beauty dish includes an S-Type inner speed ring adapter. The speed ring adapters are user-replaceable so you can use this beauty dish with your favorite light source.