Properties SKU: U4TR

Colour Shoot-Through Translucent
Open Face Diameter 109 cm
Arc Diameter 132 cm
Umbrella Shaft Length 74 cm
Umbrella Shaft Diameter 8 mm
Fabric Material Translucent nylon
Frame Material Aluminum
Weight 0.4 kg

Interfit 109cm (43”) Translucent Umbrella U4TR

(£14.16 excl. VAT)

A medium sized translucent umbrella that creates a soft, diffused light with multi-directional spread

Translucent shoot-through umbrellas create a soft, diffused light on your subject. Shoot-through umbrellas are unique to other umbrellas in that the light spill is not contained by a black backing. Light from these translucent umbrellas spreads in all directions, leading to increased ambient light in small studios and softer shadows. Translucent umbrellas are typically used in portraiture as a fill or accent light.

Medium-sized umbrellas offer a great size for soft headshots and half-body portraits or crisp light when used for full-body shots and scenes. The weight makes it a balanced choice for portability-to-surface-area ratio.