Properties SKU: FSB48

Fitting Type Bowens® S-Mount
Size 120cm
Surfaces Silver Interior / Black Grid
Softbox Material Polyester
Rod Material Fiberglass
Weight 1.9

Interfit 120cm Foldable Octabox with Grid – Bowens S-Mount

(£82.50 excl. VAT)

The Interfit foldable octabox is ideal for 3-4 person half-length portraits. Octaboxes are the perfect approach to portrait or fashion works. The light produced from the eight-sided box wraps around the subject to give you an even spread of light, resulting in soft shadows. Octaboxes also create a very natural looking round catch light in your subject’s eyes.

The Umbrella type assembly means you will be ready to shoot in seconds!


Includes: 1 x 120cm Honeycomb Grid, for greater control of light spill; 1 x Bowens® S-Mount speed ring (Interchangeable);

1 x Carry Case