Properties SKU:

Length 150cm
Width 150cm
Depth 58cm
Weight 3.4kg
Grid 40Degree Honeycomb Grid Included

Interfit 152cm Octabox with Grid SBOC5

(£133.33 excl. VAT)

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A large octagonal softbox that provides soft, directional light that wraps around your subject.

Key Features:

Heat Resistant Polyester material, rated up to 1000w. Ideal For flash, LED, fluorescent or tungsten light sources

Pebbled silver interior for even light spread throughout the softbox

UV-Coated diffusers (Inner and outer) increases the lifespan of the diffuser and eliminates the magenta colour cast commonly seen with value softboxes

Velcro attachment of inner diffuser for quick and secure attachment without risk of breakage

40º Honeycomb grid 

Octaboxes create a unique, natural-looking light that is not easily replicated by traditional square or rectangular softboxes. These unique features make Octaboxes ideal for portraiture. The rounded shape of an octagon creates a natural, round catch light in the subjects’ eyes. Unlike traditional square or rectangular softboxes, octaboxes do not have a long straight edge. This creates a wrapping effect that opens up shadows and creates a natural, gradual gradient from highlight to shadow. Octaboxes are typically used in portraiture as a main light, or as a soft fill light.