Properties SKU: MR11G101

Beam Angle 10, 20, 30 degrees
Material Aluminium
Finish Black
Diameter 28cm
Weight 100 g each

Interfit 3-Grid Bundle for Deep Zoom Reflector MR11G101

(£54.16 excl. VAT)

This 3-grid bundle from Interfit includes a 10, 20, and 30 degrees honeycomb grid for use with the Studio Essentials 45 degree Deep Zoom Reflector. While the Deep Zoom reflector already has a tight beam angle of only 45 degrees, these three honeycomb grid gives you even greater control of the light positioning, enabling you to create dramatic images.

An essential addition to your modifier collection

Includes three grids, each with different characteristics

Allows you to place light exactly where you need it

Adds depth and drama to your image

Compatible with the Studio Essentials Deep Zoom Reflector

Box Contains: 

1 x 10 Degree Grid

1 x 20 Degree Grid

1 x 30 Degree Grid