Properties SKU: INT265

Shape Circular
Reflector Diameter 107 cm
Collapsed Size 36 cm
Surfaces Gold, Black, Silver, White and Translucent
Weight 0.8 kg

Interfit 42″ 5-in-1 Reflector

(£41.66 excl. VAT)

The 5-in-1 Reflector is the ultimate tool for reflective light control. It features a steel band covered with white translucent diffuser fabric along with a reversible slipcover that provide you with four additional light modifiers: Gold, Silver, White, and Black. Folding up to a third of its original size, this versatile lighting tool is perfect for location work.  At 42” this is the largest 5-in-1 disc reflector in our line. Having a large surface area means being able to create soft light, and throw light over longer distances.


Softens the harsh directional light of the sun (or any other light source), creating a more flattering and manageable light on your subject. Sometimes, simply softening and redirecting harsh sunlight is all that needs to be done to create stunning natural portraits.

Used to mimic the warm tones of the setting sun. Casting a very warm glow of light, the gold side is best used outside during the golden hour when the setting sun is naturally very warm.

Increases specular highlights, adds contrast and creates defined shadows. The silver reflector is able to evenly balance out the harsh shadows of the sun when used up close and is able to throw a lot of light over relatively long distances.

Arguably the most flattering reflective surface because of the soft quality of light it produces. White reflective surfaces cast very soft even light on your subjects that help smooth out skin tones and imperfections. As white is not as reflective as silver, white reflectors need to be used at relatively close distances, and are ideal for close-up portraits and headshots.

Used to block or cut light out altogether, or absorb reflected light. This surface can be used to completely block out directional light, like the sun, in order to even out your exposure, or it can be used to limit the amount of reflected light from your primary light source, creating strong shadows and a dramatic look to your images.