Properties SKU: UP5TR

Colour Shoot-Through Translucent
Open Face Diameter 130 cm
Arc Diameter 175 cm
Umbrella Shaft Length 76 cm
Umbrella Shaft Diameter 8 mm
Fabric Material Translucent nylon
Frame Material Fiberglass rods with aluminum shaft
Weight 0.91 kg

Interfit 51″ Translucent Parabolic Umbrella

(£37.49 excl. VAT)

Interfit’s new line of parabolic umbrellas create a unique lighting pattern when compared to traditional photographic umbrellas. The parabolic shape focuses the light into a broad, focused column, giving the user more control over the direction and the spill of illuminated areas. Moving your flash head closer or farther away from the centre of the umbrella gives users the ability to further fine-tune the focus and intensity of the light. 16 fibreglass rods makeup the skeleton of the frame, providing essential structural rigidity for the shape and flexibility should your light and umbrella fall over.

Translucent shoot-through umbrellas create a soft, diffused light on your subject. Shoot-through umbrellas are unique to other umbrellas in that the light spill is not contained by a black backing. Light spreads in all directions, leading to increased ambient light in small studios and softer shadows. Translucent umbrellas are typically used in portraiture as a fill or accent light.

The 51″ umbrella offers a great size for soft headshots and half-body portraits or crisp light when used for full-body shots and scenes. The size and weight makes it a balanced choice for portability-to-surface-area ratio.