Properties SKU: SBSQ3

Length 90cm
Width 90cm
Depth 56cm
Weight 1.8kg
Grid 40 Degree Honeycomb Grid Included

Interfit 90cm Square Softbox With Grid

(£99.99 excl. VAT)

A mid-size square softbox that provides soft directional light with dramatic fall-off.

Key Features:

  • Heat Resistant
    Polyester material, rated up to 1000w. Ideal For flash, LED, fluorescent or tungsten light sources
  • Pebbled silver interior 
    For even light spread throughout the softbox
  • UV-Coated diffusers
    (Inner and outer) increases the lifespan of the diffuser and eliminates the magenta colour cast commonly seen with value softboxes
  • Velcro attachment of inner diffuser
    For quick and secure attachment without risk of breakage
  • Included 40º Honeycomb grid 
    An invaluable tool for greater control of light spread

 Square softboxes create a symmetrical light pattern on your subject. This evenly-shaped light allows users to precisely direct light onto their subject, creating a more dramatic effect by controlling the light falloff. Square softboxes are ideal for use in close headshots as a main light, but are also commonly used in still-life and in product photography due to the linear catch light.

Speed ring sold seperately