Properties SKU: COR756

Maximum Height 2.6m
Minimum Height 1.2m
Maximum Width 3.2m
Minimum Width 1.4m
Construction Aluminium
Dimensions 116 x 25 x 12cm
Weight 7 Kg

Interfit Background Support System Large

(£91.66 excl. VAT)

This Background Support from Interfit is designed to support curtain or paper roll backgrounds. The heavy-gauge aluminium frame offers optimal stability for your backgrounds, even at the maximum height of 2.6m (8.5′). The system comes complete with two stands and a three-section crossbar with a maximum width of 3.2m (10.3′). Remove one of the sections in the crossbar for smaller backgrounds or confined spaces.

The whole background support system easily breaks down and stores away in the included nylon carry case. Weighing 7kg (15.3lb), this lightweight background support system is easy to transport

Box Contents:

2 x 2.6m (8.5') Upright Stands

1 x 3.2m (10.3') 3-Section Crossbar

1 x Carry Case