Properties SKU: HBB602K1

Max Output 60 W
Colour Accuracy 95+ CRI
Colour Temperature 5600k +/- 200 K
Max Brightness 5000 lux (1 Metre)
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Brightness Control Step-less (0-100%) Dial controlled
Battery Type 2850mAh Li-lon
Battery Life 45 Minutes (Full Power)
Battery Recharge 2 Hours
Modifier Mount Bowens S-Type, Pop-Up Softbox, Umbrella Tension
Weight 1.5 Kg

Interfit Badger Beam 60w Two Head Softbox Kit with Stands & Bag

(£458.33 excl. VAT)

The Badger Beam is a compact and light-weight, versatile 60W AC/DC-powered single COB LED. It can be used for both photo and video, and is compatible with all cameras, including mobile phones. Its compact and rugged construction means it can go anywhere and is a fantastic addition to any shoot either indoors or on-location. When not running on mains power, the powerful 2850mAh Li-ion battery pack gives an impressive 45-minute run time at full AC power. The battery pack is removable, allowing you to swap it out mid-shoot and continue working.

The Badger Beam uses the same battery pack as the Badger Unleashed (HBU250), making your Interfit gear even more cross-compatible. The Badger Beam features three distinct mounting options to support any modifier you may require - from its Bowens S-Type bayonet receiver, to the pop-up softbox ring and umbrella tension mount. There are numerous ways to control the light and create amazing content. 

Compact 60w monolight

AC& DC Powered with 2850mAh Li-ion battery.

Use for both photo & video with DSLR and mobile phones

45 minute run time (Full Power)

2h 50m run time (Half Power)

Box Contents:

2 x HBB60 -Interfit Badger Beam 60w LED COB Light

2 x HB178 -Interfit 60x60cm (24 x 24 Inches) Pop Up Softbox

2 x COR751 -Interfit 4-Section Light Stand –2.6m

1 x INTB102 -Interfit Heavy Duty All-In-One Lighting Kit Bag