SKU: PB307

Interfit Pop Up Reversible Muslin Background Nocturne

(£49.99 excl. VAT)

Pop-up Backgrounds from Interfit give a variety of high-quality background options that require very quick setup time, store neatly and travel well. Each background measures 1.5m x 2m and can be used either vertically or horizontally, depending on your shot. Velcro fasteners on the top and side of each background allow you to secure your background to a stand.

The Interfit Impressionist Series of Pop-up Reversible Backgrounds feature colours derived from notable impressionist paintings. Characteristic of the Impressionist painting style, these backgrounds also feature broken splotches of colour resembling loose brush strokes. This effect creates soft pools of colour and texture to your images.

Nocturne features dark purple and grey colours on one side, and dark and light grey on the other. These complementary backgrounds simulate dark moody tones one would see at night.

Please note: All muslin backgrounds are hand-dyed, meaning the patterns will vary between each background. 

Do not iron or use detergents to eliminate wrinkles, a hand steamer may be used.

Should the need arise, clean using a wet cloth.  Detergents should not be used.