Properties SKU: INTS12K1

Max Watts/Second 500 W
Power Range 9-Stops (500Ws – 1.9Ws)
Recycling Time 3 Seconds (Full Power)
Flash Duration 1/500 – 1/9,000 (max-min power)
Colour Temp 5700K +/- 100K
Fitting Type Bowens® / S-Type
Modelling Lamp 10W LED
Triggering Interfit TTL-C/N 2.4GHz Remote, Sync Port, IR/Optical
Shooting Modes Manual, TTL (Canon/Nikon/Sony), HSS
Maximum Flash Sync Speed 1/250sec. in Normal Sync mode, 1/8000sec. in High Speed Sync mode
Operating Voltage 100-240VAC
Battery Type 4500mAh Li-Ion
Battery Life 350 full power flashes
Battery Recharge Time 3 Hours
Fan Cooling Yes
Auto Power Dump Yes
Flash Ready Indicator LED and switchable audible
Dimensions 34 x 23 x 13cm
Weight Head 2.85Kg, Combined: 9Kg

Interfit S1 Flash On-Location Portable 2-Light Backpack Kit

(£1,083.33 excl. VAT)

The Interfit S1 Flash On-Location Portable 2-Light Backpack Kit allows you to easily, and comfortably carry a two-light studio setup with you wherever your vision leads you. The kit has two complete S1 Flash Heads, along with reflectors, batteries, chargers, AC-power packs, and one versatile backpack . This complete two-light kit allows the user to take studio power on location, opening an endless array of creative lighting possibilities. The backpack is designed to meet the needs of working photographers. Rugged construction for everyday use, padded straps and hip belt for added comfort and plenty of additional space for accessories gives photographers the ability to round out this kit to suit their own unique shooting style.

Frosted Glass Dome softens and disperses light evenly through large and small light modifiers alike, from large octaboxes to small beauty dishes and reflectors while protecting the user-replaceable flash tube.

Aluminium Construction with an attractive matte finish gives the unit greater heat dispersion, durability and weight-to-rigidity efficiency

Firmware Upgradeable via Micro USB Port for future fixes and features

Bowens® S-Type Mount is compatible with a large scope of adapter rings and modifiers such as softboxes, reflectors, and grids

 The Backpack Features:

Rugged Nylon construction with durable YKK Zippers; the same material used in hiking backpacks

Padded shoulder straps and hip belt for maximum comfort

Plenty of internal storage compartments for laptops, cables, remotes and other accessories

Outer straps to secure light stands, tripods, umbrellas and more

Built-in rain cover to protect your equipment from bad weather

Box Contents: 

2 x Interfit S1 AC & Battery-Powered HSS TTL Flash Heads

2 x 18cm (7”) Reflectors - with Bowens® S-Mount

2 x Batteries for Interfit S1

2 x S1 Battery Chargers

2 x AC Power Pack for Interfit S1

2 x Micro-USB Cable

2 x Sync Cable

1 x Interfit Lighting Durable Backpack