Properties SKU: MR7

Fitting Type Bowens S Type
Material Aluminium
Internal Finish Pebbled Silver
Accepts Grids Yes - Not Included
Dimensions 18cm (7")
Weight 0.2Kg

Interfit Standard 18cm Reflector MR7

(£12.49 excl. VAT)

The Interfit Standard 18cm (7”) Reflector is a versatile and easy-to-use light modifier. When used by itself, a 18cm (7”) reflector creates a concentrated and crisp light and can be focused into tighter beams using the optional honeycomb grids. All Interfit Photographic modifiers utilise the widely-used Bowens S-Type mount, making them compatible with all current Interfit flashes and LED Monolights.

This reflector serves as a replacement reflector for the Interfit S1, S1a, and the F121 Monolights.

Fits any Bowens S-Mount light

Directs light

Pebbled silver interior for even light spread

Required for use with barndoors

Box Contents:

1 x Interfit Standard 18cm (7″) Reflector