Properties SKU: STR177

Fitting Type Bowens® S-Mount
Umbrella Mount Accepts up to 8mm umbrella shafts
Vertical Rotation Angle 15 to 195º
Clamp Maximum Dimensions 56 x 80mm (HxW)
Mounting Standard 5/8" Stand Mount
Softbox 40cm Pop-up
Weight 1.2kg
Kit Dimensions 33 x 25 x 11cm

Interfit Strobies Bowens®-S Mount Speedlight Bracket and Softbox Kit – 40cm

(£30.83 excl. VAT)

Ideal for the mobile photographer, this kit offers a quick and portable solution to studio lighting on location, opening up a seemingly endless array of lighting options. The Strobies S-Type Speedlight Bracket is a lightweight, aluminum reinforced bracket that clamps onto the head of your flash unit. This leaves the body of your flash free to move around, allowing you to place your slave and/or TTL sensors exactly where you need them. The jaws of the clamp open up to 80mm wide and 55mm tall, making it compatible with nearly all manufacturers’ speedlights. The concave design of the top clamp also allows this unit to be used with the Pro-Flash One Eighty, Pro-Flash 360, and other bare-bulb flash units.
As the name suggests, the S-Type Speedlight Bracket has a built-in S-Type modifier mount. This allows you to use a wide array of modifiers with your speedlight, to give you the exact look you want. This unit also has a built-in umbrella mount that is capable of accepting up to 8mm umbrella shafts.
The included 40cm softbox quickly opens and easily mounts to the bracket without any additional mounting hardware or assembly. The softbox features a silver interior for sharper contrast, but also includes two removable diffusers, allowing you to soften the light as you see fit. This softbox is ideal for full-length or multiple-subject portraits and headshots as well as large product photography and still life sets.