Properties SKU: UP3DI

Colour Shoot-Through Translucent
Open Face Diameter 105 cm
Fabric Material Translucent nylon
Compatibility All Interfit 40″ Parabolic Umbrellas
Weight 0.2 kg

Interfit Translucent Diffuser for 105cm (41″) Parabolic Umbrellas UP3DI

(£13.33 excl. VAT)

A “shower cap” style diffuser that enables any Interfit 41″ Parabolic Umbrella perform like a softbox.


These translucent diffusers enable photographers to convert a silver or white parabolic umbrella into effective softboxes. Adding a diffuser to a parabolic umbrella will create a softer, more even light. When used with the translucent umbrella, the diffuser can create the effect of a giant dome diffuser or china-ball lighting an entire room evenly. The translucent diffuser accessory allows for softbox versatility when attached to any of the deep parabolic umbrellas while maintaining the quick setup time of the parabolic umbrella design.