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Weight Adjustable up to 5 Kg

LuxS 5Kg FILLED Weight Bag (Sand Bag) Counter Balance

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LuxS 5Kg FILLED Weight Bag Adjustable (Sand Bag) Counter balance

Adjustable weight Bag (often called a sandbag or counter-balance bag) comes with 4 x 1.25Kg ready filled weight pouches, making the overall weight of the bag 5Kg.

Helps to control the height of ceiling track pantographs when a small modifier is being used or when the spring is too strong. 

Also used underneath tripods, Century (C) / Lighting stands to improve their stability.

PRE-FILLED Bags with 4 separate sealed sachets of safe marine quality galvanised metal ballast allowing you to adjust the weight from 1.25Kg - 5Kg.

Strong plastic clips allow the handles to be wrapped around object before clipping in place.

Bag Size approx. 25cm wide, 15cm high excl. straps.  Weight 5Kg

Made in the UK.

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