SKU: S308

LuxS Chromakey Green Screen Vinyl

(£116.66 excl. VAT)

Green Screen Chromakey Vinyl.

This Chroma Green Vinyl is ideally suited to compliment a separate greenscreen backdrop allowing for heavy foot traffic / objects to be included in the shoot.

This vinyl is the heaviest and most durable available in the industry- a fabric weave within the vinyl gives it great strength.

Coloured Vinyl is notoriously difficult to light due to the inherent reflectivivity of the material but a shallow / well dispersed light will reduce this significantly.  Hence this is best suited as a floor rather than a backdrop.

We can provide the vinyl mounted on an alloy pole, wooden batten, cardboard tube or even with eyelets for hanging from hooks, simply ask us!

If you require a sample or further information on custom sizes, please contact us via email or 01608 674984.