LuxS Wall Mounted Standard Chain System Background Handling Set SCS


(£324.17 excl. VAT)

LuxS Wall mounted Background Handling System for 3,4, 5 or 7 backgrounds

The set comprises:

  •  1 Pair Wall mounted Brackets (Choose appropriate number of backgrounds)

  •  3, 4 or 5 Full Width Alloy Tubes

  •  3, 4 or 5 Pulleys, chains & idle ends

  •  Lock off Cleat and bracket

  • 3, 4 or 5 Pairs of our own Paper Roll Locking friction clamps.

The standard overall tube length (not inc mechanisms) is 285cm allowing suitability for 2.72m (9') paper rolls such as Colorama Paper. However, as we manufacture the system in-house, we can customise the length of the tubes according to the space you have available. Simply email or call and we can help you configure.

 Overall width required for the standard installation including brackets is approximately 312cm.

Common questions:

What's the benefit of this system?

    Answer:  Very long lasting (15 years is our oldest one supplied), full width tubes mean the paper doesn't sag / crease in the middle due to being unsupported.

Does the system accept standard background paper rolls?

    Answer:  Yes absolutely. Colorama and other makes of seamless paper backgrounds with a standard core size slip over the 52mm tubes.

Can you supply a system narrower or wider than the standard 285cm?

    Answer: Yes, just email or call us with your requirements.

Will I have problems sourcing background paper to fit my custom width tubes?

   Answer: No, we can supply custom width Colorama &/or our own vinyl backdrops to perfectly fit your system.

Is the system capable of handling heavy vinyl rolls?

   Answer: Yes, we regularly supply our poles pre-fitted with our heavyweight white / chromagreen vinyl which can weigh as much as 20Kg.  Only proviso being the chains are locked off on the supplied cleat to avoid the roll moving under the weight of vinyl.

Can the system be installed on a stud / plasterboard wall?

   Answer: Yes, fit a load spreading plate (18mm Plywood/MDF) between the studs (uprights) allowing you to fit the wall brackets to these plates. Full information is supplied with the kit.

Can the system be ceiling mounted?

   Answer: Yes, see the related products for the conversion kit (3 & 4 roll systems only).

Do you offer an installation service?

   Answer: Yes. Contact us for more details.

Can I buy the cutting edges and paper rolls as a package?

   Answer: Yes. Please contact us via phone or email and we will work out a favourable package price!