Properties SKU: 244MICROKIT

Weight 0.315 Kg
Payload 3 Kg
Arm Length 15cm
Top Attachment 3/8″ thread female with AR
Attachment (Bottom) 3/8″ thread female
Arm Tube Diameter 9.2mm
Closed Length 10.5cm
Colour Black
Material Steel, Aluminium

Manfrotto Micro Variable Friction Arm, Anti-Rotation Attachment, Clamp 244MICROKIT

(£87.46 excl. VAT)

This is a solid and highly dependable Micro Variable friction arm kit that includes an Anti-Rotation Adapter and Nano Clamp. It gives you everything you need to securely attach a wide array of accessories such as LED Lights, Video Monitors and Microphones to tripods, lights, camera cages, shelves and bars to allow you to customise your set up to your needs.

Designed and made in Italy- This is a stylish but functional item of photography equipment, but since it is constructed using similar techniques and materials as its larger counterparts the 244N Variable Friction Arm and the Original 143N Magic Arm, this superior piece of kit can do all the heavy lifting you need boasting a maximum payload of 3kg! Aluminium also means that it is lightweight so you can easily carry it around comfortably helping you keep your set up lightweight and portable. What´s more, the 15cm arm has a clever anti-rotation attachment on one end, so you’ll never slip up when the pressure is on.

There is also a full range of accessories to customise your gear to exactly the way you want. This friction arm already comes with an essential Nano Clamp and a removable 1/4'' thread adapter which is compatible with a huge array of photo and video accessories available on the market. You can slot everything into place quickly and easily with a handy hex key, and then tweak to perfection with a user-friendly, ergonomic handle. Or use the Anti-Rotation Adapter paired with a camera tripod, video head or camera cage using Manfrotto’s Easy Link Connection.


Professional variable friction arm kit

Solid aluminium construction easily handles heavy loads

Ergonomic handle for precision-controlled movement

Compatible with full set of adapters

Nano Clamp included for enhanced versatility

Please Note: Not compatible with Superclamp