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Rycote InVision INV 7HG MkIII

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Shock Mounts for Slip-on Windshields

Rycote has designed the INV-6 HEAVY and INV-7HG MKIII shock mounts for use with slip-on windshields. Ideal for use with Super-Softie, Classic-Softie and BBG Windshield models, these robust shock mounts provide excellent isolation for boom pole and stand mounting applications.

The INV-7HG MKIII is one of the most popular InVision Broadcast & Film shock mounts. Suitable for 19-34mm diameter mics, the incorporated Duo-Lyre shock mount has a special ‘soft’ grip moulded into the clip. This securely holds the microphone, preventing any slippage or twisting and providing the necessary stability for slip-on windshields and front-heavy microphones.

For use on: Stand or boom pole

Specification: Suitable for Microphones from 19 to 34mm in diameter

Ideal for: Short and medium condenser, short shotgun, supports slip-on windshield