SKU: RYC031101

Rycote Softie Lite Kit 19

(£87.46 excl. VAT)

The Softie-Lite windshield and the INV-Lite shock-mount are also available together, as an all-in-one ‘kit’, which also includes an XLR cable and holder.


INV-Lite shock-mount, fitted with XLR holder on boss.

Softie-Lite windshield.

Pre-fitted XLR cable (XLR-3M to short right-angled XLR-3F).

Lightweight – just 217g (inc. Softie-Lite).

Softie-Lite Kit 19 (RYC031101) is compatible with:

DPA 4017B and 4017C

Sanken CS-1e

Sennheiser MKH 8060