Properties SKU: SE720

Colours Available Black or Safety Yellow
Capacity 26L
External Dimensions 51.05 x 39.35 x 19.30 cm
Internal Dimensions 46.45 x 33.40 x 17.01 cm
Weight 3.3Kg Bare / 3.8Kg with Foam

Seahorse Case SE720 26 Litres with or without Foam Insert

(£103.33 excl. VAT)

Seahorse Case SE720 26 Litres with or without Foam Insert, IP67 Certificated with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Protect lenses, laptops, scanners and other delicate items during transport and travel.

As all Seahorse cases have pre-formed mounting points / bosses inside the case, there is no requirement to purchase any additional mounting kit to mount your own electronic panels.

Crush resistant.

Auto Purge Valve



Built in Padlock Holes

The Neoprene perimeter O-Ring seal makes Seahorse Cases completely waterproof and airtight. Seahorse Cases are entirely made of plastic and can safely be exposed and submerged in salt water or left in the rain. There are no metal pins in the hinges, latches or handles. The pins are made of Acetyl resin which offers excellent lubricity and will not be affected by extreme temperatures.

Capacity :

26 Litres