Broncolor Boxlite 40


BR 32.341.12

Broncolor Boxlite 40.

  • Extremely uniform illumination
  • Ideally suited for precise mirror projection on shining objects
  • Perfect soft main lighting for small objects
  • Great for food and beauty photography


From broncolor a 30 x 40 cm acrylic area light with an extremely uniform illumination. Ideally suited for precise mirror projection on shining objects but also as a perfect, soft main lighting for small objects.  Perfect application in food and beauty photography.

max. 1600 J

 f-stop at 2 m / 6 1/2 ft distance

100 ISO: f: 22 3/10

with 2 flash tubes

4 modelling lamps 4 x 40 W

quick change head

cable 5 m 


Power packs Grafit 2, 4, A2, A4, A2 RFS, A4 RFS, A8 RFS, A2 plus, A4 plus,

Topas A2, A4, A8

Nano 2, Mobil, Mobil A2R

Primo, Primo A, Primo A fashion, Primo 4,

Pulso 2, A2, 4, A4, Pulso G

Opus 2, A2, A4, A8

Special features

Proportionality modelling light/flash light with the remaining lights of the product line

cannot be implemented for thermal reasons.  


Format Light Area30 x 40m
Flash energymax. 1600 J
No. of flashesto protect against overheating; a cooling-off period of approx. 20 minutes must be observed after a maximum of 40 flashes 1600 J
f-stop at 2m; 1600 J; 100 ISO 22 3/10
Modelling Light Switchswitch on the rear wall of the housing
Dimensions30 x 40 x 15cm (without quick change head)