Photo Studio Design & Build

Many photographers will consider opening a photography studio of their own. However, most won't have the luxury of sufficient studio experience. This means it's hard to choose the right equipment, layout and all the other elements needed to create an efficient and productive working environment.

If you are considering setting up a studio, then you'll find our Studio Design & Build services useful.

1. Advice

We provide studio set up advice throughout Europe, regularly advising photographers looking to convert a room or outbuilding. Who do we help?

- Amateur & Professional photographers

- Schools & Universities

- Architects & Builders

- Interior design companies (and the list goes on)

2. Design & Build

We can design and build your photo studio for you. You provide the basic info, we'll survey and draw up all the recommended equipment. This can be performed via email and telephone or for a site visit, please contact us to discuss the cost. Once a design has been approved we'll come to site and carry out the installation, whether that's at your home office or in a commercial / public building. On completion you'll have a studio setup that matches your needs. (See the photos below for examples of our work).

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