Broncolor Para 88HR Reflector


BR 33.482.04

Broncolor Para 88HR Reflector.



With a heat-resistant construction and 88cm diameter, the Para 88HR Reflector from Broncolor allows users to produce precise, efficient lighting using strobe or tungsten fixtures up to 2000W. The reflector's parabolic shape and silver interior yield very high light efficiency, wrapping the subject in brilliant light that emphasizes detail and due to the parabolic form of the reflector, light fall-off only occurs at the Para's extreme edge. This listing is for the reflector only. A focusing tube and a focusing device are required for use.

Known for its quality of light, the Para 88HR can be used as a powerful spot or a soft light with diffusers or honeycomb grids, for continuous lighting, or flash operation.

The most important light design parameter of the ParaHD is the ability to position the lamp head within the reflector to focus or defocus the light source. When in focus, the light is strongly aligned and has a spot-like character with high contrast. To defocus a Para, the light source is moved towards the opening of the reflector producing a soft "cloud" of light with wrap-around qualities but with still enough edge to emphasize the structure of objects and details of skin and makeup.

What differentiates the ParaHD from other large reflectors is that the light radiates frontally from the optical axis giving objects a sculptural, three-dimensional appearance.


1 Para 88 HR reflector
4 suspension cable for Para
1 Flash Bag 2 without inlay
1 mounting instructions


Allowed max. power continuous light: 2000 W
f-stop at 3 m (9 8/10 ft) distance (HMI FT1600), focused 8 3/10
f-stop at 10 m (32 8/10 ft) distance (HMI FT1600), focused 2.8 4/10
lux at 3 m (9 8/10 ft) distance (HMI FT1600), focused: 11550 lx
lux at 10 m (32 8/10 ft) distance (HMI FT1600), focused: 1420 lx
silver inside coating
the apex zone is made of a special heat-resistant material
dimensions open (without stand) Ø 85 x 64 cm (34” x 24”)
dimensions closed Ø 20 x 83 cm (8” x 33”)
weight 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs) (reflector only)