Colorama Rolleasy 3.55m Vinyl / Canvas Background System

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Rolleasy 3.55m Vinyl / Canvas System

Colorama Rolleasy 3.55m Vinyl / Canvas Background System.

  • No chains or swinging parts
  • Wall and ceiling mounting options
  • Colorama white vinyl pre-mounted onto Rolleasy rollers (see related products) for use with this system
  • We also design and manufacture brackets to mount backdrop systems to avoid wall / ceiling obstacles
  • Add a roll of Colorama 2.72m x 11m paper by using a unique LuxS conversion roller (see related items)


*** Corresponding number of Solid tubes (Full Width Rollers) need to be added to make the set usable.  Please see the table on the specification page or call us for advice.


Colorama Rolleasy 3.55m Background System.

The kit is designed for solid rollers that fit inside 3.55m background paper rolls or can be used to mount vinyl or canvas backgrounds including Colorama pre-mounted Vinyl on rolleasy Rollers (see related items).

You can also add a 2.72m roll of paper by using a unique LuxS conersion roller (see related items).

Choose between Ceiling or Wall Mounting Brackets and number of backdrops.

All sets come with the following:-

- A pair of brackets (wall or ceiling)

- A winding crank with extension handle

- One pair of winding / idle ends

To add additional backdrops, please contact us to help configure the ideal system.

We're here to help if you need advice.

  Number of Rollers Required Number of Manual & Drive Ends Supplied
1 Roller System  1 1
2 Roller System  2
3 Roller System  3 3
4 Roller System  4 4

Please note: White Vinyl mounted on a Rolleasy roller is available to purchase separately, see related items.

A Zero Roller System would be purchased if you already have or intend to buy a White Vinyl on a Rolleasy roller.

A 1 Roller System would be purchased if you intend to mount Paper/Canvas or a third party vinyl to a roller.