Dedolight 220W LED Bi-Colour System, Includes Fixture, Barn Doors, Dimmer



Dedolight 220W LED Bi-Colour System, Includes Fixture, Barn Doors, Dimmer.

  • Compact construction
  • Aspherical optics
  • Perfect performance
  • Perfect light distribution
  • Perfect colour
  • Super quiet, innovative cooling system
  • The clean-beam concept, only offered by Dedolight



The Dedolight DLED10 lights are extremely powerful, small lights, ideally suited in the bicolor version for mobile drama, and in the daylight version for studio use.

Bicolor 2700K – 6000K, allows the adaptation to changing situations of ambient light.

Ideally suited for the larger lighting task, also for mobile drama production, as well as for studios.

Permits the use of the following optical accessories:

Non-spherical, wide-angle attachment DLWA400R

DP400 imager / projection attachment with interchangeable modules for different tasks and interchangeable lenses. Serves super precise light-/shadow-shaping and projections, the best, west and east of the Mississippi

8-leaf barndoor DBD400

Use of different soft boxes with speed ring DLSR8

Parallel beam attachment DPBA-14. An amazing optical achievement, doubles the light output and opens the doors to the creative Lightstream system and the work with reflected light.

Kit Contents:

1 x DLED10-BI Light head (bicolour)

1 x DT10-BI Ballast (bicolour) and mains cable

1 x DPOW10 Cable to light head

1 x DPLS400 Light shield ring

1 x DBD400 8-leaf barn door


SYS-DLED-10-BI Head Specification  
Focusing Range 3.9:1
CRI Ra Daylight: 95; Tungsten: 97
CRI Re Daylight: 92; Tungsten: 96
TLCI Daylight 95; Tungsten: 97
Delta UV Daylight: -0.0047; Tungsten: -0.0008
CCT 2700-6000K
Power Consumption 245W
Protection Class IP20
Size 389 (L) x 198 (W) x 356 (H w/yoke) mm
Weight 4.3 Kg
DT10-BI ballast Specification  
Mains Voltage AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Input Current 2.6-1.1 A
Max Power 360 VA
Protection Class IP20