DOPchoice SNAPGRID® for SNAPBAG® for Titan X2



DOPchoice SNAPGRID® for SNAPBAG® for Titan X2.

  • Mount on the front of the SNAPBAG® to control the spread of the light
  • Patented instant set-up and self-tightening internal snapframes
  • Snaps out of its compact pouch ready to easily attach onto the interior lip of the SNAPBAG®



The DoPchoice patented SNAPBAG® is the first self-tightening softbox and is lightweight, quick to set-up and easy to use; making them the softbox of choice for filmmakers and videographers worldwide. The SNAPBAG will erect and mount in seconds, without requiring a heavy, time consuming speed ring. The SNAPBAG® mounts directly to the front of the Rotolight Titan™ X2 and is ready to work in moments. Producing a soft, flattering beam of light, the SNAPBAG® also works seamlessly alongside the Titan™ X2’s built-in SmartSoft™ Diffusion