Elinchrom Deep Umbrella Portrait Kit



Elinchrom Deep Umbrella Portrait Kit.

  • The silver umbrella will give more contrast and intense lighting
  • Use the translucent as a shoot-through or bounce for soft, wide even spread
  • Comes with carrybag
  • Perfect for beauty and portraits




Two Deep Umbrellas 105 cm in Silver and Translucent. Silver for more contrast and intense lighting. Translucent as a shoot-through or bounce for soft and wide even spread. These light modifiers are more directional and provide bright and crispy light. 

Ideal for beauty and portraits.

Kit contents: 

1x Elinchrom Deep 105cm Silver Umbrella 26352

1x Elinchrom Deep 105cm Translucent Umbrella 26354

2x Carrying Bag  


Type Lighting Umbrella Kit
Compatibility 7mm Shaft. Multi-Brand Compatibility